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Growing A Wedding Business One Employee At A Time

Growing A Wedding Business One Employee At A Time

Written by U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Founder of Tulsa Wedding DJs and Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, Clay Clark

I know that the elections are going on and thus every candidate is busy running around the country telling everyone how great they are. In fact this is being done so much that Will Ferrell and his team are mocking this in their current movie called “The Campaign” that is out right now. Essentially everyone that is running for President runs over to a group of people and tells them that what they do is the “backbone of America.” It would kind of be like President Obama telling a bunch of wedding djs that “wedding djs are the backbone of America.” It’s hilarious to say the least. But the point is both candidates love to talk about the great American worker and the great work ethic that most Americans have. However, I can tell you that I believe that this is very far from the truth. In fact I would say that around 25% of the American employees that are out there today only have a job because companies couldn’t find a robot to do it. Our team is phenomenal, but we have had to interview some serious morons before we could find the right team.

In fact finding quality people has been the biggest limiter on our growth. We consistently spend money on and nearly every other job site that is out there. Then once people come in for an interview and discover that they actually have to work and that the “DJ SETUP EQUIPMENT FOR YOU FAIRY” is not real, they find if hard to become motivated to work for $15 – $30 per hour. It’s amazing. In fact Harvard has a series of studies out that show that more people are quitting jobs than are fired from jobs all across the nation. Essentially we have a people group that will not work. That is incredible to me. But there seriously are people out there today that will not work during a recession. Sure they need money, but they won’t work. And that is what makes growing a business challenging. We can do it. We always find the right people, but the average American worker is simply not hirable most of the time.

For any of the young entrepreneurs who are out there today I would encourage you that in order to transform your dream into a reality, you must focus your attention on hiring the best people possible once you have your systems in place.

True Stories From A Tulsa Wedding DJ

Crazy, Yet True Stories From A Tulsa Wedding DJ

Written by U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Founder of Tulsa Wedding DJs and Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, Clay Clark

Having DJed for over 12 years at well over 1,000 events I have worked some great weddings. I have also been apart of some that were hilarious and some that were embarrassing and even others that were just uplifting and enjoyable to be a part of. However, today I am going to focus on an odd wedding that I entertained for years ago. To make sure that this story doesn’t offend anyone I have changed the names, the dates, and the city in which this took place, but you’ll get the point.

Ok, so it all started when I looked at my show file after loading out. I had grabbed all of my equipment and I was trying to strategize in my mind how to make this wedding awesome. Then I noticed, it was going to be outside. The temperature was going to be 107 degrees. The bride was coming down the aisle on a horse. They would be honoring a dead person by burying them in the lawn where the wedding was taking place. The father of the bride would be blowing a ceremonial indian burial sea shell during the ceremony. The father of the groom would be conducting the traditional Christian ceremony. Once the ceremony was concluded the 2nd ceremony would start that would be done in the traditional Indian culture. Then after this happened they would “honor the dead.” The event was going to start a 2 pm and would go until 2 am and their was an open bar. And this is pretty much the story.

The entire wedding was bizarre. Everything odd that could possibly happen did happen and none of the guests thought it was weird. People sweated the entire night and then they sweated some more. The 2 ceremonies and the “celebration of life / funeral” took about 3 hours to wrap up, and everyone was in suits and formal attire outside in 107 degree whether while this was going on.

As I died, I found myself wondering if this was normal and if this was going to be how I was going to end up spending my life. It was truly a crazy event. For more information about how you can transform your event into a truly epic event visit our website today or call our Tulsa wedding djs at 918-481-2010.

**Make Your Life Epic strongly endorses the good folks at ID EDGE – ID Badges and more for your business.

How To Provide Great Entertainment For A Wedding

How To Provide Great Entertainment For A Wedding 

  • Written by U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Founder of Tulsa Wedding DJs and Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, Clay Clark
  • For more information about scheduling DJ Connection to provide entertainment for your next event contact them today at 918-481-2010.

Having personally dj’ed for well over 1,000 events, I have “been there” and “done that” when it comes to nearly every venue, every holiday, every scenario and every wedding reception theme idea. So to add value to the brides and the grooms out there who are wishing truly entertain their guests on their big day, I have put together my 2 Rules for Putting On A Party That People Will Love.

Rule #1 – Don’t have an outdoor event. Now I realize that sometimes for budget reasons it is absolutely required for your event to be outside and if this is the case with your event, I’m deeply sorry. But for everyone else out there, you must do whatever you need to do to avoid having an outdoor event. They are just simply not practical. Let me give you just a few recent situations that I have personally witnessed over the years involving an outdoor where. The 1st situation that comes to mind is “the great windy veil of 2002.” We had a situation where we provided entertainment for a girl that was getting married outdoors on a golf course green. When the day of her wedding came the wind of steady and harsh. Thus, during the entire ceremony it kept blowing her veil and hair into her face. In the wedding video and during the event it was a complete distraction, she ended up looking more like Chewbacca than a bride with all of that hair in her face.

Another situation that constantly arises when a bride chooses to have an outdoor wedding is the constant heat problems. You see when you get married all of the grandparents where their nicest clothes and they simply want to look their best. However, when they are profusely sweating to the point that it is just ridiculous, it is very hard for them to look dignified or respectable. They start sweating like they have been playing in an NBA basketball game, and their makeup starts running. Grandpas start sweating out the armpits of their shirts and it just gets gross. And this situation literally seems to happen 95% of the time that we work an outdoor wedding.

The final huge problem area that arises when you have an outdoor wedding is the “bugs, the rain and the things you simply cannot control while outside.” Years ago I did a wedding where the bride and groom wanted to have their wedding outdoors and under a gazebo. It was hot, it was intense and their were bugs. In fact their wedding cake basically became one big ant hill. Bugs love sugar and they love to bite people. Thus, the entire night bugs ate the food and bit people. People tried to be nice, but eventually their patience wore out and so did their resolve for attending the wedding. One by one they all left one hour into the reception. Does this situation happen a lot when a wedding is outdoors? Oh yes. In fact I would state that it is safe to say that at least 50% of outdoor weddings are destroyed or semi-destroyed by “bugs, rain and things you cannot control.”

Rule #2 – Don’t take 2 hours to take your family photos. Whenever your big day finally gets here I know that you are going to want to have photos taken with your family, friends and love-ones. This is really the whole purpose of having your big day in a public format. You want your family and friends to be there with you to celebrate your marriage. I get that and I believe in that dream. However, when your photos start taking more than 1 hour to do after the ceremony, your guests at the reception hall start to leave. And when I say, “start to leave” I mean that there is usually a “mass exodus” of your guests. People simply start leaving one by one if they don’t know when you are going to arrive at the reception hall. They’ll drop of their gifts and then they will take off, and they won’t really feel all too guilty about it.

I remember being at a wedding one time where the bride and groom had hired a photographer who took 2 hours to get their post ceremony shots done. Much to the couple’s horrific surprise when they arrived for the wedding reception, they were introduced into a nearly empty room. Literally more than 50% of their guests had gone home. This is not a good situation. Our djs had been on the mic encouraging people to “stick around for the grand introduction” by people had already made up their mind that they were leaving at the 1.5 hours of waiting point. It was terrible, and it really happened. In fact it really happens all the time. Thus, if you want to avoid this you need to connect with your Tulsa wedding photographers ahead of time to map out a plan that makes sense for your wedding day. Build a timeline that keeps the ball rolling and that does not keep your guests waiting for vast portions of time. If you would like more information on how to make your Tulsa wedding dj experience the best it can be visit our website or simply give us a call today.

How To Find the Right DJ Company For Your Wedding

How To Find the Right DJ Company For Your Wedding

Written by Founder of DJ Connection Tulsa Wedding DJs, Author, U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year & Las Vegas Motivatioal Speaker – Clay Clark

You have decided to say “I Do.” And this is a BIG DEAL! Your family is excited. Your date has been set! You updated your Facebook Status ! It’s almost crazy how excited and how motivated you feel. Now, however you find yourself being bombarded with calls, and in endless meetings as you try to assemble to perfect wedding team of vendors. You are looking for the right Tulsa wedding photographers, and the right Tulsa Wedding DJs. You are looking for florists, you are looking for food and you are looking for gifts for the groomsmen.

Because you are booking so many things at the same time it can get overwhelming for multiple reasons. The costs can be extreme and the time commitment can be intense. So how do you prioritize what is important and what is not? How do you decide who is the best vendor for you and who is not.

From my perspective, here is what I have discovered. 90% of couples plan out every detail of their wedding and then they just hire “a dude they know” to entertain their guests. When the “dude they know” fails to show up or fails to entertain, people leave early. When they leave the reception early, the couple feels like they wasted alot of money on things that people never got to enjoy because they all left so quickly at the reception.

However, 10% of couples decide that they are not booking anything unless it’s the best. They know that entertainment can make or break the big event and they go on a quest looking for the best entertainers they can afford. These people have great wedding receptions and their guests stay all night. They feel great about their entertainment and they feel like all of the money they invested was a “good investment.”

So how are you going to find great entertainment?

Regardless of whether you book DJ Connection or not, you need to look for a few simple things to make sure that your event is great. If you find a DJ or band that can do these things you will be happy and you will feel like you spent your time and money wisely.

1) Get an entertainer that can host your event. Don’t book a human IPOD.

2) Book an entertainer that is full of energy. If the person can’t muster up the energy to answer their phone with passion, they are going to bomb your reception if they are feeling tired their as well.

3) Book the award-winners and they record breakers. Book the people with a track record of getting it done. Don’t let people experiment on your big day. Book proven winners!

The Tim Tebow Effect – How To Bring Passion & Enthusiasm To Your Business

The Tim Tebow Effect – How To Bring Passion & Enthusiasm To Your Business

Written by U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, Author, and Founder of DJ Connection Tulsa Wedding DJs – Clay Clark

Regardless of whether you like Tim Tebow or not, you must acknowledge the fact that he has made a positive impact on every organization he has ever touched. Some call this God’s effect on Tim Tebow’s life, others call it “indescribable.” However, from a business perspective, I think it is something that every business in American desperately needs. It’s servant leadership, sincerity of purpose and passion.

What is servant leadership?

As a leader, Tim could be difficult, brooding and he could blame others. Other quarterbacks certainly have. In high school, college and the pros he could have screamed at people that dropped passes. He could have cursed at officials and teammates, however he didn’t. Why ? Why is Tim Tebow choosing to lead in a positive way? Tim is embracing the concept of servant leadership. This was first modeled by Christ in the Bible. Jesus focused on serving others. He focused on washing the feet of his men. He focused on showing that he was willing to literally die for others.

On the football field and in the public eye, Tim Tebow has shown that he is all about servant leadership as well. When people drop a pass he blames himself. When things go wrong he blames himself. He never blames teammates and he is always there to help them get up and to encourage them. Watch this live video of Tim Tebow at work and you see what I am talking about first hand.

What is sincerity of purpose?

Sincerity of purpose is a commitment to accomplishing something worthwhile. What is worthwhile after all? In college, Tim would spend the summers in the mission field ministering to the world’s poorest people. In the pros, Tim has used his celebrity to open a hospital and to raise awareness for those what are dying and in need of a savior. Tim has unapologetically witnessed and shared his testimony at every opportunity. He doesn’t have a hidden agenda. He has a sincerity of purpose that incredibly strong. People might not like what he stands for but they know he stands. Watch this interview and you will quickly see sincerity of purpose at work.

What is passion?

Passion is living with a fiery ardor about you. Passion is that extra enthusiasm you bring to everything you do. If nothing else Tim Tebow is passionate. He is passionate about being on the Broncos. He’s passionate about being on the Jets. He is passionate about being in the NFL. He feels blessed for having the opportunity to bless others. Tim’s passion is contagious and because of that the organizations he is a part of win.

How can you bring passion to your organization to reignite that spark?

Focus on providing servant leadership. Find what your purpose is and be sincere about achieving it. Decide to become passionate about your life and the lives of others and you will reignite that spark in your organization and soon you too will be experiencing the “Tim Tebow Effect.”

Transform Your Event From Good To Great

Transform Your Event From Good To Great

Written by Clay Clark – U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Author, Founder of DJ Connection Tulsa Wedding DJs & Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

We’ve all been a party that was lacking. The party lacked energy. The party lacked any semblance or order. The party lacked fun. The party was just lacking. In fact, I from my experience I would argue that the majority of parties are this way. You and I invite our friends and family over for a party, we have cheese, crackers, carrots, and other food that we as a country have deemed worth of packing into those “party trays” we can all buy at Sam’s Club.

We send out formal invitations, we plan for months and then the people show up. After we open the presents, or exchange vows, or yell “surprise” there is really nothing else to do. So people get bored, then they start throwing out excuses as to why they have to leave. They say fun stuff like, “Hey man, you know I’d love to stay, but I’ve got get my paperwork done before Monday.” They might say things like, “Boss, I’d love to stick around, but right now we’ve got to get the kiddos home, we don’t want them to get sick.” And although this may be true, this is not the really reason they are leaving. They are leaving because they are bored to tears and if they don’t leave they are doing to scream. That’s really all it comes down to.

So what are we to do? How are we going to fix this problem?

This at it’s core is what DJ Connection is all about. We help you plan out the music, the lighting, the sound, and the SCHEDULE OF EVENTS! We actually help you come up with fun ideas that will actually keep your family and friends involved. Our jobs are based upon our ability to transform a good event into a great event. Their is no value in sound and lights. The value comes from our ability to entertain your guests and to get people to stick around because your event is fun. This is what we do at DJ Connection!

SInce 1999 we’ve won nearly every entertainment award that is available. But, we still want to wow you. Call us today at 918-481-2010 and we will take your event to the next level.

A Review of One Republic’s Album – “Dreaming Out Loud”

A Review of One Republic’s Album – “Dreaming Out Loud

This review was posted by DJ Connection Tulsa Wedding DJ Founder, Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, Author and U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year – Clay Clark.

As a man who is “into music” and as a man who has personally entertained for our 1,500 events I definitely know my music. Now to be fare and unbiased, I do know a little too much about wedding music for my own good. I also listen to more pop than almost anyone else because at weddings people are not interested in hearing the most “deep and meaningful music” because they just want to hear song that they know and that will keep them dancing. With that being said, I feel very confident in my credibility as a music critic. And so I felt inspired to write a review of the best-selling OneRepublic album, “Dreaming Out Loud.”

To make this review the best it can be I will be reviewing the album track by track with absolute candor. However, overall I will say that this album is honestly the only album that I have ever spiritually connected with in this way since U2′s the “Joshua Tree” album.

Say (All I Need) – This song is a game-changer. Truly, this song will move you. It says, “All I need is the air I breathe and a place to lay my head.” As an entrepreneur this is the only way you will ever make it big. You have to be “ok” with the thought of losing everything to gain anything in capitalism. Having started numerous businesses, and having experienced the extreme highs and lows of being a business owner, I can relate to this song.

Mercy – This song is about the “Angel of Mercy.” During this song Ryan repeatedly asks, “Angel of Mercy, how did you find me?” I can relate to this song on so many levels because my son was born blind and yet the “Angel of Mercy” found me. The passion in Ryan’s voice and the sincerity of the lyrics in this song is overwhelming.

Stop & Stare – This song was made into a music video that was popular on MTV and received considerable radio play. It’s mellow in it’s overall tone. I prefer the more passionate songs, but this song was loved by America. No I guess my opinion doesn’t matter in that regard.

Goodbye, Apathy – I believe that we live in a time when many Americans are apathetic about everything. We are all supposed to be politically correct to the point that people have decided to withdraw from the conversation. Some people have begun to feel that it would be better to say nothing than to say the wrong thing. I love this song because it says, “goodbye apathy” over and over. Amen!

All Fall Down – This song is overwhelmingly good. This song refers to the fact that “we all fall down.” It talks about “swim till you drown,” and “strong till you break,” but essentially “we all fall down.” This song is great because putting on a facade that we are not breakable is good in business, but it is not healthy spiritually. I believe that we all are broken and fall short of the glory of God and that this song refers to our flawed nature in a way that we can all related to.

Tyrant – Honestly, I don’t think I’m smart enough to figure out this song. Listen to the song a dozen times or so and maybe you can figure it out. I know it has meaning, I’m just not sure what that meaning is.

Prodigal – This song refers to the “Prodigal Son” reference in the Bible. It says, “run away, run away like a prodigal, yet you wait for me.” I believe that this song is in reference to God never losing his love for us regardless of what we do. I could be way off base here. It could be about running away from a tree-toilet-papering run gone bad and your best friend is waiting for you in the “get-away” truck.

Won’t Stop – This song is a very poetic way of expressing that someone is in love with someone or is at least mesmerized with them. I love this song and I am a hopeless romantic so it appeals to be greatly.

All We Are – I believe this song is about confrontation of someone that you deeply care about. The melody in this song is amazing and the energy and passion in the vocals is tremendous. I recommend you listen to this song over and over until you run out of power coming from your electrical socket.

Someone To Save You – I believe this song is about someone attempting to recoup after a breakup. Things ended and they are trying to get their “mojo” back. This song has an infectious melody and it drives you through the entire song.

Too Late To Apologize – This was the “big hit” on the album. The original version is incredible. The beat that Timbaland gave it took this song to the next level. This song was the most played song on the planet for nearly a year. The meaning of the song is tremendous, but the production and the melody in it are out of this world.

Come Home – This song is about unconditional love for some who has left you. This song makes me sad because it’s the last track on the album. I literally can listen to every single track on this CD over and over. This an album without any throw away tracks and one that you must purchase.

A Review of the Golf Club of Oklahoma In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

A Review of the Golf Club of Oklahoma In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

**This article was written by the founder of DJ Connection Tulsa Wedding DJs, the U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Las Vegas Motivational Speakers, and the Author of Multiple Top-Selling Books Including, “Make Your Life Epic: From the Dorm Room to the Board Room” – Clay Clark

Since 1999, our entire team has had an incredible opportunity to provide entertainment at some of the most elite wedding venues in Oklahoma and Texas. We’ve entertained at the Summit Clubs, the regal Southern Hills Golf Club, the Petroleum Clubs of Dallas and Tulsa, buildings with scenic venues and even in the backyards of beautiful homes in the historic midtown areas of Tulsa and the far southern portions of Tulsa where many of the homes feature sprawling estates and gorgeous landscaping.

However, today we are going to be writing a review of a venue in which we have become exceptionally fond over the years because of their dedication to the pursuit of excellence, their well-maintained facilities and the scenic views they provide couples looking to book their wedding venue and their Tulsa wedding DJs.

1) Their dedication to the pursuit of excellence – The Golf Club staff is always eager and willing to help make the brides’ day go smoothly. So many times we work at a venue that could care less about how the bride is doing. This is strange to us because she is the boss. However, at the Golf Club the bride’s needs are always put first and customer service is always offered with a smile.

2) Well maintained landscaping – If you have ever wanted to get married on a golf course, this is the place to do it. The greens are always kept in the best shape and every detail has been thought of when it comes to the presentation of their facility. Because they are a golf course and because they have a great landscaping crew, we have never been disappointed with the landscaping and the overall presentation of the Golf Club.

3) Scenis views – When you walk out on to balcony and you get to see the view that you will get to enjoy as part of your wedding or special celebration event, you will be taken aback and wowed. You will be in awe of how gorgeous it looks. It sincerely looks like something out of a fairytale.

**For more information about booking with the Golf Club of Oklahoma and to ask about our Golf Club discounts call 918-481-2010 today.

Learn How To Become the Ultimate Wedding DJ

Learn How To Become the Ultimate Wedding DJ

Written by the founder of DJ Connection Tulsa Wedding DJs, the U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Las Vegas Motivational Speaker, Author & Award-Winning Entertainer – Clay Clark

When I started DJ Connection out of my college dorm room in 1999, I had a big vision for what it could become, but I had no idea what it would take for me to turn my vision into reality. I had no idea of how hard I would have to work. I had no idea how challenging it would be to find quality people who were capable of learning how to entertain the masses. Training people to DJ has never been tough, it’s just always been rather challenging to find decent people.

Essentially top companies like QuikTrip, Southwest Airlines and Disney are on the look out for quality people, not people who already posses the core skills they’ll need to have to perform the jobs well. Once they find a quality person, these top companies believe that they can then train them to do whatever they need for them to do. When it comes to DJ-ing, it took awhile for me to grasp this concept, but I now embrace it and fully understand it. We can train quality people on how to become a great DJ. But we cannot train great DJs on how to become quality people. We can’t train morality, dependability and that inner conscience that one needs to be successful. Our brides, grooms and clients deserve integrity, honesty, fairness and a great work ethic on the day of their wedding. In fact, they demand it. So at DJ Connection we are now and will always be looking to hire great people whom we can train the “Art of DJ-ing.”

So, if you are a great person and you want to learn how to become a great DJ, we have put this page together for you. This page of the website will show you how to introduce events and how to get the crowd going. This page will also model for you many of the DJ “Jedi Moves” that you will need to know to have profound success at each show. Watch and enjoy. May the “Force” be with you.

Why Do Brides, Grooms & Event Planners Love Booking DJ Connection?

Why Do Brides, Grooms & Event Planners Love Booking DJ Connection?

This article was posted by the U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Author, Las Vegas Motivational Speaker & Founder of DJ Connection Tulsa Wedding DJs, Clay Clark

1. WOW Your Guests With Fun For Everyone. Having entertained for over 20,000 weddings and for major corporations such as QuikTrip, Southwest Airlines, IBM, Fedex, Bank of America and Pepsi nobody has more experience at entertaining crowds of all types and sizes than DJ Connection. Whether your crowd is country or urban, young or old, big or small we have the team to get everyone involved in the fun.


2. Our DJ Company Is Not Based Out of Our Mother’s Garage. Unfortunately when people think of the word “DJ” they often think of a guy who lives in his mother’s garage and spends massive amounts of time playing video games when he’s not busy showing up late for someone’s special day. Fortunately for you DJ Connection offers world class entertainment and professionalism. Having been recognized nationally for our quality countless times, DJ Connection staffs at team of fun and depandable people who are committed to wowing you everytime.


3. DJ Connection Is the Best and the Most Humble DJ Service In America (and Latvia). History of Success. *Multiple-Time Winner of the’s “Best of the Best” Award *U.S. Small Business Administration “Entrepreneur of the Year” *U.S. Chamaber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner *Featured On TLC, the Oprah Winfrey Network, ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox *Metro Chamber of Commerce “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award Winner *Multiple-Time Winner of the WeddingWire’s “Best of the Best” AWard

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